ConvoRally strives to make project management and communication between all the parties easier with the help of a PROJECT MANAGER APP.

We bring together employer, investor, contractor, consultant, manufacturer, and other designing and non-designing team members into a single platform to discuss and finalize agreements, contracts, estimates, and other construction-related information.

What do we do?

Our goal is to build a technology solution to protect people during a contractual agreement and enable clear communication of needs and expectations.

Create Projects

Create a new project to initiate discussion about contracting, estimates, or a generic meeting. Tap on +Create Project to create as many projects as you like.

Invite Stakeholders

Invite stakeholders into the project to partake in the discussion. Tap on Add Member to add as many stakeholders as you like.

Manage Projects

Become a micromanager and start managing each project's project history, communication channel, members, contractual forms, and archives.

Create Communication Channels

Easily create a communication channel with each project to initiate a discussion between stakeholders. Tap on #Channel Name to initiate a private communication channel where the stakeholders can talk freely.

Contract and Document Management

The project management allows creating, sending, receiving, archiving contracts and various other documents throughout the project’s term.

Pre-Built Templates and Questionnaires

The project management allows creating, sending, receiving, and archiving templates and questionnaires. Tap on +Create Form to create a new questionnaire or Choose E-Docs to populate the template library template.

Gather Information/Approvals

Send out contractual forms, questionnaires, and estimate surveys to related stakeholders to gather necessary information and approval.

Close the Project

Once all the stakeholders have reached a conclusion, you can archive chat history and documents, send out final contracts and agreements, and closing the project.

Archival and History

Store and access the communication history and documents (forms, questionnaires, templates, and surveys) at any point in time.

Participate In Our Early Beta Access

  • Experience ConvoRally at no cost for one project.
  • Test the Project Manager App.
  • Provide you feedback to improve our product and enjoy perks -better pricing and priority customer support.