We understand your need to run projects smoothly with complete transparency while maintaining each members privacy.

We understand your need to retain information and proof of conversations, eliminating costly misunderstandings.

We understand the burden of keeping track of everything and reverting to the correct historical information.

We've been there when there were disagreements between parties involved with no practical way to prove things one way or another. Nobody wants to be caught in a game of "He-said, She-said."

This is where ConvoRally comes into action - A place to collaborate, making the entire process easier and better for everyone.

ConvoRally is A Robust Tool for Collaborators

Easily search for things when you need them.

Capture e-mails, text messages and notes in one place.

Check-in on all your projects with the click of a button.

Provide a digital download of pertinent information to your customers.

Store items indefinitely on our servers so you can access them in the future

— Message from Founder, Steve Batts

I’ve been in service industries most of my life and over the years I’ve noticed how much more projects can get complicated quickly. With all the choices there must be discussion before decisions can be made. It is so easy for things to fall through the cracks really quickly. Prices can creep up, schedules fall behind. There are many things to juggle all the time these days. Then you need to find conversations from the past, lost or mistakenly deleted, which doesn’t make your day or week stress-free.

I felt like there had to be a better way to deal with these potentially stressful situations and decided to try to figure out what I felt would help everyone during a contractual relationship. That’s how I started this journey.

I hope you think we are on the right path to help make your project(s) go more smoothly.

With your help and feedback, we can make ConvoRally work for you!


Keep everyone involved in the project organized and on the same page

Move your business from the filing cabinet to your fingertips

Eliminate costly assumptions


We save the details as they happen so you don't have to

Manage your business, your customers’ expectations, and profit margins

Eliminate assumptions, maintain profitability, and increase efficiency

Build a better business on transparency and trust, one conversation at a time.

Keep the information in one place with your customers, subcontractors, and staff to grow your business without increasing your administrative costs.

Are all your ducks in a row?

    Managing communication with clients, subcontractors, and your staff with text messages and emails is almost impossible.
    Stop wasting time trying to organize – keep the line of sight to everything happening in your business from one place.
    Grow your business without growing your overhead by communicating on ConvoRally.

Our Team

We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate people who will transform your ideas into reality and make them come true.

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